Testimonials ForAlyson Keller

Alyson is not just a Realtor but a Partner!

“Alyson has been an amazing partner in the purchase of my new home. Buying a home is a major experience, but selling one at the same time is even a bigger deal. Alyson was incredibly professional with her punctuality, emails and phone calls, I always felt that she was a step ahead of me and I don’t need to worry about paperwork , she was always there to remind me of what I need so that I would not have any surprises at the end. Both my closings went flawlessly and I credit Alyson for that. Not only did I feel that I had a top professional on my side but also someone who genuinely was concerned about both my transactions and who made sure that I would get the best deal on both ends. Thank you Alyson!”
-Paula Filippazzo